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Author of From the Universe to Our Hearts, Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Psychic Medium

Host: Gina Hatzis
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ELIAS PATRAS: Manifesting Your Desires: How to Get What You Really Want

This exciting lesson with Elias Patras is all about intentional co-creating. As you watch or listen, you will be guided to the extraordinary power you hold in bringing to life what you desire with ease and grace and how to use Elias’ manifestation equation!

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • The power of intentional co-creation
  • How to use the manifestation equation to bring in what you desire
  • What deserving has to do with desire and manifestation
  • How to hear the whispers of the universe
  • Letting go of fear and leaning into your intuition
Elias is the author of From the Universe to Our Hearts and a well-known spiritual teacher, healer and psychic medium. Taking from his experiences of being in five Foster homes and an orphanage as a child, Elias is a deeply compassionate spiritual teacher and guide leading the path to love, acceptance and wholeness in his workshops and retreats.  He has completed a 2 year apprenticeship program in Peruvian Shamanism and is the co-facilitator of a 4 weekend Earth Honoring Apprenticeship program. He is also the creator of a very specialized line of Energy Balancing Sprays to enhance areas of the mind, body and spirit in being balanced and aligned. In his work as a Psychic Medium and Intuitive, Elias believes the key to learning is how to listen and to connect to the signs and signals that we receive and to teach others about intuition and their own inner voice.
Bonus Gift: Manifesting Your Desires Guided Meditation
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